Play Date with the Locals

by Tamsyn Reed and Mariah Groshek


Linnaeus and Alverno students with Anders Fröjmark.

Day two in Kalmar, Sweden we woke up excited to hear we would be meeting students from Linnaeus University!

We related meeting with students at Linneaus University to a play date arranged by parents. David and Jodi thoughtfully coordinated with Anders Fröjmark of Linnaeus to arrange a casual cook-out between students. What a success! We enjoyed delicious food and delightful conversation with a variety of students. Our discussions ranged from light hearted travel talk to dep political an philosophical musings. The students were warm-hearted and welcoming. At our table, we had Siiri, a student from Finland, and Adam and Patrick from Sweden. We are all life-long Facebook friends! We learned Swedish words, shared stories from home, and offered connections for future travel meeting people along our trip has truly been a highlight of such a unique and magical adventure. Go Kalmar!



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