First Impressions

Nils Kreuger

Painting of Kalmar by Nils Kreuger

Last night we hopped on an incredibly large ferry, said farewell to to Gdansk, Poland and set sail on a journey across the Baltic Sea for Kalmar, Sweden.  This morning shortly after we arrived, we were greeted by the lovely Arne, the tour guide arranged for our time in Kalmar.  From the start our welcome to Sweden was delightful.  After boarding the bus, we headed toward Kalmar through the countryside.  From first sight I found the farmland and countryside to be just charming.  As we passed these quaint little towns, Arni told us some history and shared stories of his connection with Wisconsin.  Not only was he extremely kind and informative, he used to teach Swedish at UW Eau Claire.  He told us of his times in the Midwest, the states, and how he met his wife who is an American from Missouri.  As he spoke, I was in awe by the beauty of the countryside and it actually brought me to gentle tears.  The colors of homes and architecture contrasting with the backdrop of the green grass and fields was just breathtaking.  What a nice morning we had on our way to Kalmar.  I am impressed already by Sweden. by Breanne Pemberton


Photo by Kaeleen Benz


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